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For gift memberships, enter the giftee's name/address information below.  If you have special instructions, please email [email protected] for assistance.

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Additional Highpointers in your Family/Household

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There is no extra charge for a shared A2Z magazine subscription.  You do NOT need to "register" your additional family members separately -- they will be registered at the same time as you are.

If you have more than 3 family members to add to your Membership, please send an email with their names and number of Highpoints each to:

[email protected]

IMPORTANT NOTICE…PLEASE READ… Highpointing can be a dangerous and strenuous activity. Be sure to prepare yourself for each highpointing trip. Whether it be physical conditioning and training for the technical climbs or a tune up and an oil change for your car. Always plan carefully and be prepared for anything that may happen. Keep up with weather conditions and adjust properly. There are many books available on travel, hiking, camping, mountaineering and everything else that goes along with Highpointing. The more technical climbs can be made with the services of professional guides. There are also schools and training courses that can train you on the ups and downs of climbing. (No pun intended) Get the knowledge, be prepared, and drive safely. 

Memberships are nonrefundable.


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